MI 3

Solidly constructed and versatile the rig is used for various applications: small water wells, geothermal applications, soil investigations, coring and micro piles. The rig is designed for working safely with various drilling methods: direct circulation, down the hole hammer drilling and augering. Thanks to the remote radio control the rig can be completely move from the ideal working position, for a perfect sight of the drilling movements. Numerous options are available to personalize the rig for every drilling requirements.


MI 3
Work Methods
  • Rotation With Direct Circulation.
  • Nucleus Destruction With Bleeding By Water, Mud And Foam.
  • Rotation With Down The Hole Hammer.
  • Coring
  • Percussion Drilling
Power Pack
  • Engine Power 73.4 Hp (54 KW) TIER 4 FINAL
  • Engine Power 74.8 Hp (55 KW) TIER 3 A
Fuel Tank Capacity 45 Litri (12 Gal)
Sliding Mast Stroke 400 Mm (1,3 Ft)
  • Maximum Stroke Of Rotary Head 2,4 M (7 Ft 10)
  • Standard: Pull Up And Down 3.100 DaN (6.970 Lbf)
  • Optional: Pull Up And Down 3.600 DaN (8.093 Lbf)
  • Optional: Pull Up And Down 4.000 DaN (10.341 Lbf)
Rotary Head
  • Model TM3C1: Maximum Torque 5.040 Nm (3.717 Lbfft) Maximum Speed 714 Rpm
  • Model TM3C3: Maximum Torque 8.000 Nm (5.900 Lbfft) Maximum Speed 160 Rpm
Winch Maximum Line Pull 1.000 DaN (2.248 Lbf)
Double Hydraulic Clamp
  • Model MS175: Max Passage Ø 175 Mm (7)
  • Model MS225: Max Passage Ø 225 Mm (9)


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