GIRAFFA 360° HV is the new mobile hydraulic drilling unit completely remote controlled to work on bench without restrictions. It is the result of years of experience in the drilling sector , it collects the best technological innovations and allows vertical and horizontal drilling on any inclined surface and in any type of rock. GIRAFFA 360° HV is also suitable for squaring blocks, but his true vocation is to work in a bank which has no rival in terms of agility, ease and efficiency. The high productivity and the use of low energy give to this machine a record in terms of reduction of production costs. Like all Marini units, the GIRAFFA 360° HV can be customized in relation to the different needs.


Giraffa 360° HV
Engine Power 110 Kw
N° Rock Drill 2
First Drill Steel 4000 Mm
Weight 29000 Kg