QUY 130

QUY 130 crawler crane, whose maximum lifting capacity is 130 tons, is born to satisfy the demands from the first-class international market. With advanced technology and excellent performance, the product serves the end-users of the mature market. The engineers summarize rules and experience from the user’s construction data, thus making the product powerful enough, practical, and friendly to use.

QUY 130 can be equipped with different engine brands and emissions as per customers choice.

Hydraulic components are international brands and the steels used in QUY 130 are from high strength materials.

Self-assembly and dismantling mode is set so that the crane can assemble and dismantle the crawler carriers and boom sections without the help of an auxiliary crane, reducing energy consumption.

Limit load control strategy makes all simultaneous movements realized, and ensures that no impact is generated to the system when adding or reducing the number of simultaneous movements in light or medium load conditions.