Portal Cranes

High efficient Portal Crane generally includes the followi frame, lift mechanism, slew mechanism, crane travel me spreader device (grab, container spreader, magnet and h equipment and other accessory equipment for safety. Ste include jib and A-frame, slew platform and gantry frame.

Portal Crane jib crane is extensively applied to dock’s bu ore and so on) and other cargo ship (lorry) loading and u well as slipway repair.

Parameter information

Portal Crane jib crane referenced standards, GB17495-1998 Harbor Portal Crane technical specification, JT400-1999 harbor Portal Crane safety specification, GB3811-2008 crane design standards, GB6067-85 crane safety specification, ISO standards, FEM standards and JIS standards.

Portal Crane Main Features
◆It uses grab, container spreader, magnet and hook, boasts high practicality and wide scope of application
◆It adopts optimized four-bar linkage so that the accuracy of level luffing is high
◆The operation device rotates 360°, widening the operation scope
◆It adopts PLC control and variable frequency speed control, so that is runs steadily and reliably
◆Intelligent structure gives excellent stability

Portal Crane Main Features


◆Working Radius:15M~45M
◆Lifting Height:Above rail: 5-40m, Below Rail: 5-30m
◆Lifting Speed:25~60m/min
◆Luffing speed:30~50m/min
◆Slewing speed:1.5r/min
◆Traveling speed:15~30m/min
◆Working Duty: ISO M7/M8
◆Ambient Temperature: -40~40°C

Product Specification


Product Specification 3055
Group Classification Of Complete Machines A5
Elevating Capacity Lifting Capacity t Main Hook Aux.Hook
120 40 20
Radius m 24~33 24~60 28~65
Lifting Height m 60 60
Working Radius Max. m 60 65
Min. m 24 28
Speed Of Mechanism Lifting Speed m/min 6(12,<48) 15(30,<8)
Luffing Speed m/min ~10
Slewing Speed r/min 0.24
Traveling Speed m/min 30
Power Source 3-phase A.C. 50Hz 380V
Track Gauge/Wheel Base m 13/16
Clear Height Of Portal m ~13
Tail Slewing Radius m ~17
Rotary Disc Tail Slewing Radius m ≤15
In-service Maximum Wind Pressure N/m 250
Out of-service Maximum Wind Pressure N/m 1000
In-service Maximum Wheel Pressure KN 450
Steel Track Recommended Qu50
Installed Capacity kw 220