The GHC series designed for different kinds of terminals: container terminal, bulk terminal and multi-purpose terminal along all type of vessels from barges to super post-panamax. A variety of cargos can be handled with GHC, containers, general cargo & project cargo and bulk cargo.

More than versatile application in different terminals and vessels, a variety of cargos can be handled with GHC.
– Containers
– General cargo & project cargo
– Bulk Cargo
The lifting capacity range of GHC is 50-310t, while the working radius covers from 36 to 64 meters.
Besides the efficient and durable operation, you will find it is very easy to maintain and operate. And of course we never overlook ergonomic and environmentally friendly design. Not only is the equipment reliable itself, but the babysit-ting service and total solution realization process will optimize your total cost furthest.

Technical Innovation

Rated Capacity & Classification

Hook (Heavy lift) 125t A3
Spreader (Container handling) 52t A7
4-rope grab (Bulk handling) 45t A8

Main Performance Data

Working speed

Max Hoist speed 100 m/min
Max Slewing speed 1.6 rpm
Max Luffing speed 85 m/min
Max Travelling speed 5 km/h

Working radius

Minimum radius 11 m
Maximum radius 51 m

Hoist Height

Above quay (at max radius) 30 m
Below quay 15 m


Overall width of crane -in working condition 14.9 m
Overall width of crane – for travel(min) 8m
Overall height: – tower in working position 34m

Ground pressure

On wheels in travelling condition 5.9t
On stabilizers with max load: -with standard footings 20.7t/m2
Average pressure on area occupied by the crane 2.15t/m2


High performance engine
Genma only choose top band engine, with characters of fuel-efficient, long life cycle, high performance and environmental.

Hydraulic system
Winch system, slewing system and luffing system operate based on powerful hydraulic system. Precise control will be done while with low fuel consumption and easy maintenance.

3 types undercarriages
Rail-type, X-bracket or wheeled-type can be selected based on your working condition.

Flexible and easy to move
360-degree mobility is available.

Electric system
Genma only choose top brand electric components to make your maintenance more easier and guarantee the performance of the equipment.

User-friendly design
The operation room is designed based on broad view, comfort and easy operation. Noiseless room and anti-glare toughened glass further promise the safe and effective operation.

Safety guarantee
The whole structure uses high-strength plate and designed in variable cross-section. Using a truss boom, the cylinder is located above the boom to avoid the collision of the cargo.

Local service team, quick response
For each project we will organize the service team of local people with expertise and rich experience. Local spare parts warehouse and quick response service team, no need to worry about the communication barriers and response speed.



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