Guided Boring Systems

Guided Boring Machine (GBM) systems are the leading solution for accurate and extended drive lengths in soft ground to rock geology for 4-48-in. OD pipe and larger diameters with the guided auger boring application. GBM jacking frames connect with a host of pipe increase tooling, skid extensions and shaft adapters for versatility on a multitude of pilot tube projects. Our GBM systems are comprehensive and feature robust and intelligent design, adaptable functionality and sensible ease of use features.

Technical Data

Gıided Boring Systems Overview

  • Most suitable for Displaceable N Value “50 soils and Non-Displaceable N Value” 50 with select tooling
  • Drive lengths within a 1/4-in. accuracy up to 500-lf.+
  • Methods: Guided Boring Three Step Method, Guided Steel Casing, Guided Auger Boring, Guidance for Pipe Ramming, Utility Pullback Installations, Pipe Roofing
  • Longer drive potential in ideal ground conditions – over 600-lf.+ pilot tube installations have been achieved
  • Quick set-up
  • Small footprint
  • Common types of pipe: VCP, RCP, CCFRPM, PCP, steel casing, PVC
  • Active theodolite guidance system
  • Auger/dirt bucket soil management


GBM technology has significantly advanced since its introduction in 2001, and we continue to diversify our offerings to exceed contractor expectations. Our newest pipe increase tooling, the Guide Rod Swivel (GRS-50) and the Rock Boring Unit (RBU) excavate rock to precisely install up to 42-in. outside diameter pipe. Contractors can now harness the torque and jacking force of the GBM 4800 Series Jacking Frame to install steel casing on projects with or without space constraints when paired with the High Torque Casing Adapter or Augering Adapter Assembly.

Guided auger boring has become one of the most common applications for guided boring systems in North America, and its utilization has positively impacted the auger boring market. Guided auger boring is a cost effective method of accurately installing pilot tubes, followed by steel casing installation with an auger bore machine to ensure bore accuracy, expedite installations, facilitate longer lengths, avert down time and realize project savings.