Excavator Boring Shields

Excavator Boring Shields (EBSs) and EX-50 Excavators are used for 100-168-in. OD pipe jacking, and liner plate and ring-beam lagging tunnel building applications. EBSs perform best in sand, medium to stiff clay, dry or dewatered soil, and weathered rock in regions without ground water. The EX-50 Excavator is positioned in a slide mount to the interior top of the EBS and is interchangeable between EBS models.

The operator controls the EX-50 Excavator’s backhoe claw with a joy stick and foot controls to excavate soil at the face of the bore which is deposited onto the belt conveyor and transported with a 1548 Haul Unit for removal in the launch shaft. The EX-50’s rotating boom has a full range of motion and can extend beyond the face of the bore to remove obstructions. EBSs come standard with sand shelves and can be equipped with close-able hydraulic doors to prevent subsidence from entering the interior.

Technical Data

Excavator Boring Shields Overview

  • Most suitable for ground conditions allowing for personnel entry including sand, medium to stiff clay, dry or dewatered geology, weathered rock in non-pressurized ground water conditions
  • Drive lengths up to 1,000-lf.+
  • Access to face allows for obstruction removal
  • Low cost of operation
  • Simple design
  • Common types of pipe: RCP, CCFRPM, FRP, PCP, steel casing pipe jacking applications and liner plate, ring beam and lagging tunnel building applications
  • Passive laser guidance system
  • Conveyor and haul unit system soil management