Smart Lite 400

           Small, Portable Submersible Pump SMART LITE 400 – 50 Hz/230 Volt / 0,4 kW

Small, lightweight and cost-effective, SMART LITE pumps perform an excellent job. These small but effective portable dewatering pumps are easily maintained and perfect for a.o. small construction sites, rental industries, municipal and utility jobs.

Discharge Outlet 2″ (50 Mm)
Shaft Speed 2850 Rpm
Rated Power 0,4 KW (0,5 HP)
Rated Head (Meter) 7 Meter
Rated Flow (M3/Hour) 8,3 M3/Hour
Max. Head (Meter) 11 Meter
Max. Flow (M3/Hour) 14,4 M3/Hour
Solid Passage 5,5 Mm (0,2″)
Diameter 205 Mm
Height 303 Mm
Weight 8 Kg

Type Handy Submersible Pump
Phase 1-Phase
Classification IP68
Lubricant Food Grade (ISO VG32)
Impeller Type Semi-Vortex
Bearings C3 Shielded Ball Bearings
Max. Liquid Temp. 40˚C (104˚F)
Max. Sub. Depth 20 Meter
PH Range PH 5 – PH 8
Type Induction Motor
Poles 2 Pole
Insulation Class F
Protector Circle Thermal Protector
Start Method Capacitor-Run
Shaft Seal
Type Double Mechanical Seal
Desc. Silicon Carbide VS Ceramic / Carbon
Type H07RNF
Length 10 Meter
Impeller Urethane Rubber
Motor Frame Aluminum
Motor Shaft Stainless Steel
Strainer Carbon Steel