Savvy Base 600

           Residue Pump SAVVY BASE 600

a lightweight residue pump, can pump down to an extremely low water level at 1/16″ (2mm). Ideal for pumping flat surface such as basements, parking garages, pools, spas and etc..

Discharge Outlet 2″ (50 Mm)
Shaft Speed 2850 Rpm
Rated Power 0,55 KW (0,75 HP)
Rated Head (Meter) 8 Meter
Rated Flow (M3/Hour) 5,4 M3/Hour
Max. Head (Meter) 11 Meter
Max. Flow (M3/Hour) 12 M3/Hour
Solid Passage 5 Mm (0,3″)
Diameter 244 Mm
Height 357 Mm
Weight 6 Kg