Bell Pumps & Heads Sand, Gravel, Clay And Slib Mining

Our organisation is highly specialized in various dredging types in the Netherlands but specially abroad. With our specialized machines, dredging equipment and extensive experience we can complete your challenging projects in a time and cost effective way. Down below an overview of the Bell Pumps, some in combination with our Bell Heads.


Bell Dredging Pumps offers a wide range of Dredging Equipment that is known for their durability, power and multiple options. We have several varieties of Dredging Pumps , capable of mining sand, gravel, clay & slib. They are highly versatile and adaptable dredgers with a lot of options. Naturally, they do an excellent job at varying dredging depths. If you have any questions about our Dredging Pumps or if you wish to discuss specific needs within Dredging Equipment, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.


Bell pumps are highly efficient dredging pumps and can be equipped with a different heads for every type of operation. The image to the right shows a standard Bell 150 pump. The images below show different pump heads attached to this particular pump. All of our pump heads are interchangeable, which means you can use the same pump for different purposes!