A lightweight and powerful hydraulic piling hammer, capable of driving all types of steel, concrete or timber piles in a variety of soil conditions.

Total control of the hammer

Designed for easy maintenance

Short overall length

Optimum power to weight ratio

Can operate from BSP Power pack or from hydraulic piling rigs or cranes

A range of standard drive caps and pile helmets are available

The hammers are fitted with a single acting hydraulic cylinder system to give an equivalent stroke of 800mm

Alternatively, a cylinder can be fitted to give a stroke of 1200mm


LX Technical Data

The LX range of piling hammers is designed for driving a wide variety of bearing and sheet piles. Available with back guides operating from a piling mast the LX range have the following important features:

Specifications Ram Mass Operating Weight Overall Length Overall Width Overall Depth Standout From Leader
Model Kg Kg M Mm Mm Mm
LX20 2500 5600 4800 835 835 500
LX30 4000 7100 4800 835 835 500
LX40 5000 8000 4950 835 835 500
LX60 7000 10400 4950 835 835 500
Specifications Ram Mass Impact Energy Blow Rate Operating Pressure Max Oil Flow Required
Model Kg KNm B/Min Bar L/Min
LX20 2500 20 55 120 150
LX30 4000 30 50 200 160
LX40 5000 40 45 220 165
LX60 7000 55 40 240 160

The above weights and dimensions are given as a typical guide and are nominal. Designs can vary to suit customer specific applications and pile type. Contact BSP International Foundations for greater detail, see contact details below.