The BSP range of large piling hammers shown here can be used freely suspended or configured with backguides for leader use.

They include the following features:

Cylinder and dropweight connection parts easily accessible

Digital readout of hammer performance in a choice of units (i.e. Stroke or Energy)

Square section giving a shorter overall height

Attachment points allowing vertical or raking piles to be driven

Pile up to 2m ∅ can be driven as standard, and with special attachments, larger diameters can be easily accommodated


CGL Technical Data

The LX range of piling hammers is designed for driving a wide variety of bearing and sheet piles. Available with back guides operating from a piling mast the LX range have the following important features:

Typical Dimensions Basic Hammer Hammer Crane Suspended Ø2000mm Pile Sleeve Reduction Inserts Extra Hammer Leader Mounted Ø1600mm Drive Cap and Back Guides
Model Weight (Kg) Total Length (Mm) Total Weight (Kg) Total Length (Mm) Total Weight (Kg)
CGL370 37230 12050 57970 9250 49000
CGL440 43700 12550 64440 9750 55470
CGL520 50160 13050 70900 10250 61930
CGL590 60000 13550 83000 10750 71770

The above weights and dimensions are given as a typical guide and are nominal. Designs can vary to suit customer specific applications and pile type. Contact BSP IF for further details.

Perforamance Data Ram Mass Maximum Impact Energy Blow Rate at Rated Energy Operating Pressure Hydraulic Oil Flow Required
CGL370 25000 370 32 260 700
CGL440 30000 440 32 275 820
CGL520 35000 520 32 290 940
CGL590 40000 590 32 290 1200

Performance related to use with BSP Hydro-packs.